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Nightblock - (from Weekends of Sound)

Gulf Coast - from DIY

Bat City - from Sleep Ambulance

Yalobusha Review - "from Even the Trees"

Public Pool - from Sleep Ambulance

Rhino - from DIY (audio)

Phantom Limb - from DIY

Vinyl - "Grackles" (from Weekends of Sound)

Pinwheel - from Sleep Ambulance

New South - from DIY

Puerto del Sol - from Even the Trees"

Cloud Rodeo - from Sleep Ambulance

Nightblock - Two poem (from Weekends of Sound)

Nightblock - forthcoming

Ghost Proposal - from DIY

Cream City Review - from Even the Trees

Salt Hill - from Psalms for the Wreckage

Witchcraft Mag - 2 poems (from Weekends of Sound)

TYPO - "from Even the Trees"

Glittermob - from I Am Heavy w/ Feeling

Inter Rupture - from I Am Heavy w/ Feeling

Hobart - 3 poems (from Weekends of Sound)

Inferior Planets - "from Even the Trees"

Alice Blue - "from Even the Trees" 

Adroit - "from Even the Trees

Powder Keg - "from Sleep Ambulance"



Three Part Interview Series on Entropy

  1. Tyler Crumrine and Oliver de la Paz on Joshua Young

  2. Tyler Crumrine and JA Tyler on Joshua Young

  3. Tyler Crumrine and Joshua Young on working together

Interview with Allison Peters for the Michigan Quarterly Review: Here

Featured on radio show

Guest Editor for Ghost Proposal's Special Feature on Hybrid Forms and the Post-Genre Approach

Conversation on Adroit