Select Publications

Nightblock - (from Weekends of Sound)

Gulf Coast - from DIY

Bat City - from Sleep Ambulance

Yalobusha Review - "from Even the Trees"

Public Pool - from Sleep Ambulance

Rhino - from DIY (audio)

Phantom Limb - from DIY

Vinyl - "Grackles" (from Weekends of Sound)

Pinwheel - from Sleep Ambulance

New South - from DIY

Puerto del Sol - from Even the Trees"

Cloud Rodeo - from Sleep Ambulance

Nightblock - Two poem (from Weekends of Sound)

Nightblock - forthcoming

Ghost Proposal - from DIY

Cream City Review - from Even the Trees

Salt Hill - from Psalms for the Wreckage

Witchcraft Mag - 2 poems (from Weekends of Sound)

TYPO - "from Even the Trees"

Glittermob - from I Am Heavy w/ Feeling

Inter Rupture - from I Am Heavy w/ Feeling

Hobart - 3 poems (from Weekends of Sound)

Inferior Planets - "from Even the Trees"

Alice Blue - "from Even the Trees" 

Adroit - "from Even the Trees

Powder Keg - "from Sleep Ambulance"